Router ConnectionsLet us help you with your Broadband issues. We are cheaper than BT to call-out.

BT will charge you £130 for an abortive visit and £100 an hour labour + VAT after that if the fault is proven to be on the wiring in your house or your telephone

If you have a noisy telephone line, it can affect your broadband speeds, and so can faulty filters and/or telephone sockets.NTE5

We can test your line from your house to see if its an Exchange/Broadband/Router issue or if its on your own telephone internal wiring.

Check your Broadband Speed here

Our callout charge, including the first hours labour is only £75 + VAT.

Book your Callout below and pay on-line, call us on 01206 804345 or email us on info (at) trinitytelecoms dot co dot uk

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