Small Business VOIPFor businesses large and small, including SoHo, a VoIP Phone System can helpĀ improve your VoIP connectivity and business communications. Voice over IP (VoIP) is not just a convenient, low-cost, stand-alone telephone substitute, it’s a fully-integrated communications solution.

Unlike the old style of telephone systems which uses fixed land lines, a VOIP system uses a Broadband connection and instead of lines it uses SIP Trunks, so it is quite possible not to have any telephone lines installed and just use a broadband connection.

Using SIP trunks you can reduce the cost of your outgoing calls and there are many suppliers of these, we only use the best and most reliable companies for this.

With a VoIP Phone System you can create call policies and centrally manage your communication system. When compared to a traditional PBX, VoIP Phone Systems have many features that enhance your VoIP experience. With flexibility built in, this is the essential core to any advanced VoIP setup.

Because all the systems are internet based, you can also use your SmartPhone (Apple and Android) to make and receive calls from your VOIP system when you are out of the office, giving your customers a seamless solution.Voip System

Trinity Telecoms can supply and install the complete system for you, whether it be a software based system installed on a Server in your office, or a network router with the VOIP system pre-installed ready for Plug and Play. Some of our systems also have 3G/4G backup available should your broadband connection fail.

We have a wide choice of manufacturers available, but we will only install the systems that we think are right for you and your business.

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In conjunction with Davis Solutions Ltd, we are able to supply, install and maintain your complete Networking Infrastructure.

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