Are you looking for a new telephone system?  Or perhaps you need some advice on how to make the most out of your existing PBX system?  Maybe you’re expanding, and need some data cabling work for your new premises?  The world of business communications is constantly moving forward, but which is the best solution for your business needs today and growth plans for tomorrow?  With so many telecoms systems and providers available, it can be a job to know where to start.

Trinity Telecoms are at the forefront of technology and can install and maintain Voice Over IP (VOIP) systems using your broadband connection.

These systems can either be soft switches which are software based and installed on a server in your offices, or can be incorporated into a router which already has the software pre-installed.

As a backup, should your fixed line broadband fail, then the router will automatically switch to 3G/4G over the mobile telephone network.

Our nationwide team of expert telecoms engineers and consultants will guide you through those important decision making processes, and deftly install and maintain your chosen product.

We even provide broadband and call connectivity packages, so you only need to deal with one telecoms partner for all your business communications.

We are also able to provide a maintenance service to many types of Analogue PABX Telephone Systems

In conjunction with Davis Solutions Ltd, we are able to supply, install and maintain your complete Networking Infrastructure.

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